Quad biking

Quad biking in Essex

Feel the exhilaration of zooming through the trees on one of our petrol-powered quad bikes. Start off by learning the basics of turning and stopping safely before navigating around the twists and turns of our skills course, then progressing to our exciting off-road course around the wooded site.


Learning outcomes

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Although young people often appear outwardly confident, constantly taking and publishing photos of themselves, this confidence is often missing from their academic work. Accepting that perfection cannot always be achieved is a hindrance in the progression of many young people’s academic performance. By taking an attitude of perseverance towards the Essex Outdoors activities, our customers are able to develop their levels of confidence.

We live in a world where young peoples’ exposure to risk can often be over managed; hindering their ability to learn how to manage risk correctly and ultimately leading to some young people being unable to make good judgement calls. This issue has been addressed in the new Ofsted criteria, and schools are now being encouraged to increase young peoples’ exposure to risk. The activities at Essex Outdoors are designed to expose young people to controlled risks; where they are able to safely ascertain what should and shouldn’t be done and how to successfully reach the goal that they require.

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This activity is suitable for

Secondary schools
Colleges and FE
Corporate customers
Youth groups


Not currently suitable for those with special access requirements, please contact us for assistance.
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